For a while now – and by that I mean as long as I can recall – I have felt that I had a less than great memory, poor cognitive ability, and weak attention. I assumed the reason is some hardcore drug use in my past. I have treated it by meditation and massive amounts of caffeine, as well as productivity hacks (how you collect and store data).

I am starting to, as I get older, become more aware of how significant this impacts me and although I can continue fine as is, I am going to try some biohacking to address this. To see if I can make things better.

I’ve taken small steps in this area before but going to try again with more of a ‘try it, record it, acknowledge results or lack thereof’.

I started with caffeine and l-theanine combo, but I didn’t notice an impact from l-theanine and…I like having a cup of coffee in the morning.
So modifying this to be a coffee in the morning and instead of coffee, green tea any time I want coffee (by the way, green tea actually taste good).

Adding to that a few other things which I will share as we go. The actual question is share where – I think I’ll use my blog, if I can find it.

Side note: if anyone wants my leftover ashwagandha or caffeine and l-theanine combo pills, let me know.

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