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Gatha – song or verse

Prajna – direct insight into the truth taught by Buddha

Sansara – wandering, world. The “suffering-laden cycle of life, death, and rebirth, without beginning or end” (Jeff Wilson)

Tathagata – Beyond all coming and going. How the Buddha at times referred to himself.

Samadhi – intense concentration; meditative trance.

Kalpas – aeon, long time period.

One Practice Samadhi – Means at all times, walking, sitting, lying down. Always practicing with a straightforward or pure mind.

Formless Precept – Transcend understanding, beyond restrictions on behavior.

Emptiness “Nothing exists by itself; any given entity can only be defined in terms of other entities in time, space, or mind”

Ino– In Zen, the supervisor of the meditation hall [sodo]. One of the six senior temple administrators.