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“What if enlightenment” I once said a few weeks back “is as simple as being open to all things?”

Although the correct word might not be enlightenment, I would say that my practice of not allowing my prejudgement to impact what I see has been a great stress reliever and increased my overall feeling of equanimity and clearness.

As an example, changing the radio station. I hear a few chords and my brain says “I don’t like this kind of music”. I see the thought arise and decide that instead, I will listen without that judgment. And I get to hear new music. Some of it I’ve been enjoying, some I don’t. But new worlds that previously I was blinded to are now open. So maybe some bluegrass or country or rap or blues or pop music are now things I can enjoy.

This can work for me with food (I need to be more open here) and with people as well. It is huge with people. We decide who someone is within moments of meeting them and the next time we see them, we add to a continuing false story. False, because we only know a slice of the person, and fill in the blanks with our own views and beliefs.

This does not mean I should accept all things or do all things. Or that I can’t dislike or hate things. It means that I need to be attentive to where my response comes from – is my dislike of broccoli because I tried some yesterday and the taste was disagreeable? Or does it come from being 8 years old and being forced to like it?