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My current student path is this: after agreeing to a student/teacher relationship said the teacher is out of the country for six weeks. For the first few weeks, as I’ve continued not only my own studies but had people ask me about my path, I’ve had many questions arise. As I’ve not been able to ask them, I’ve sat with them. And the answers often arise.

For example, do I need to shave off my goatee? My follow up question is what is the value – I know the significance¬†of a historical perspective and cultural, but why does that matter to a modern Buddhist? And how does that impact and why and when and…

When I shared this with other people, they respond with how much they like my goatee and have used words like sexy and distinguished and I became even more attached to it. I could not wait to defend my need to keep it!

But since there was no one to ask, no one to argue with, I just sat with it. And realized one day that I was going to shave it off, and then did. And this was the answer.

I have questions still; but they are mainly logistical, not value. We are already in Buddha nature; it is our ability to hear that is impaired.