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A big part of Buddhism – some teachings say it is everything – is to simply be aware of what really is. What is really happening, what is really here, really now. To see what is so. Nothing more, nothing less. To see it without judgement. Or attachment.

So is there value is going to the latest Avengers spectacular? Having emotion played upon, stimulated by cgi and fight scenes, excited and dismayed and such?

I don’t know. Part of the answer is attachment. If you enjoy it or not, but are done when the credits are over, then no issue. Enjoy – or not – whatever experience you are in. And when it is over, be done. The Platform sutra suggests to not be attached to any Dharma. And so do not be attached to any narrative, either fictional ones or your own. Take it for what it is, and even judge it, as that is part of the fun, to see what parts you enjoyed and what parts you found lacking. But keep it light hearted and don’t give it great value. It is only a movie. It is only reality. Don’t get bent out of shape as it isn’t a big deal. Smile and give it time to change. It will.