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May all suffering ones be suffering free,
And the fear-struck, fearless be.
May the grieving shed all grief,
And the sick find health-relief.


Gāthā is Sanskrit for “song” or “verse” and is derived from the root word gai meaning to sing, speak or recite. Gathas come to us from several traditions including Jain, Buddhist and Zoroastrian.

Gathas in contemporary mindfulness practice are short sayings or verses – usually recited silently – that help focus our minds on the here and now. These short sayings draw our attention to the beauty and wonder of ordinary, day-to-day experiences and activities.

A Gatha is a fresh flower, a solid mountain, a child’s smile, the rising sun, a ringing bell, a bowl of berries, reflections in a tumbling stream.

Breathe in while reciting the first line; breathe out with the second line.

Present moment.
Wonderful moment.