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In the early 2000’s, dawn and I were presenting at an alternative sexuality conference (some of them focused on Leather – Master Z was one of the people we often saw at Leather event. I’ve seen him present a class or two and chatted with him a bit over the years. I knew he was a Buddhist as well but we never really talked about it. During this time I took refuge in a Tibetan form of Buddhism but it wasn’t really where my heart was. I later started the path of a novice monk in a secular order of Buddhism. This too did not work out for different reasons (all of them me, not the school) and I stepped back for a while. Time passes, and I run into Master Z, who is now Thay Z, wearing robes, and a monk. And still at an alternative conference. We talk and about six months later, we start talking. And six months later, I am wearing novice robes.