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September 09, 2020 at 10:04AM
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Using Evernote, IFTTT, and a wordpress site, I can capture anything on the web and save it for later review, edit it, or display it.


Find sources online that can be captured (storage state) for later review, sharing, site as a reference, storage, or editing. Sources include: 
  • article on a paid news site (example: Medium)
  • a Reddit thread
  • a website page or post (blog)
  • image and/or memes
  • Video (YouTube, Vimeo, other)


  • Capture, Editor,  Storage State, and Display 

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Webclipper can capture all requirements. Article, Simplified article, Full page, Selection, or Screenshot. On pages with video, can capture video as well.
With the assistance of IFTTT, using a specific tag (in my case, I am using Roar) it will automatically put this on a website. See Storage State and Display

Evernote build in editor fulfills all needs.  But there are differences between the web, app, and windows versions.
Web –
App –
Windows –
Secondary editor after moved to Storage State/Website is WordPress/Divi. Note: Once published to website, further Evernote edits are not reflected by default.
Evernote + Website
Ideal storage state is something I control, have minimal cost, and capable of displaying all types of media; should be as private or visible as I chose; should be fully editable. 
By using Evernote > Website, I am not dependent on Evernote plus everything has a backup. Branding has potential as well.
Although Evernote also works, the advantage of website is that it allows ease of reference (hyperlinks), sharing is easier, and categorizes/tagging has more options than Evernote notebooks/tags. And as noted in storage state, if Evernote is no longer part of my system, all data is maintained in the website that I control.