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These pages are all related to a time in my life when I identified as a Buddhist, even going to far as to start on the path of becoming a monk. Although that is no longer my path, and I don’t self identify as a Buddhist, the words were true for me when I wrote them.

Eating Gatha

In this food, I see clearly the entire universe supporting my existence. Another eating Gatha This food is a gift of the entire universe – the earth, the sky and much hard work. May we eat in mindfulness so as to be worthy to receive this food. The Five Contemplations...

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“I resolve not to kill — but to cherish all life”

This seems like an easy one; don't kill people. But a resolve not to kill, to cherish all life, is much deeper than that. Yet, still simple. I can easily avoiding killing people and have done so to the best of my knowledge so far. But cherishing life is not a passive...

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