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Buddhist Philosophy Article

Useful Emptiness

I’d like to share a perspective on useful emptiness. To get there though, first a comment about judgement, and a sutra or two, and my favorite Chinese Patriarch.  A few years back I posted a thought to a popular social media site that said: “What if enlightenment was...

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Death and Dying

Many people join a religion as a way to deal with death and dying. Now, Buddhism makes no bones about the importance of dealing with death. It is part of the first of the Four Noble Truths and said that the Buddha began his journey once he recognized that everyone...

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How To Meditate

Sit You can use a meditation cushion (zafu) or meditators bench (Seiza Bench) or just use a chair. If using a chair (which I often do), make sure it is a solid one (no desk chairs with wheels). Sit toward the front edge of your chair. Once you are sitting, you’ll want...

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Sensual Desires

The Buddha spoke... "Community, people are easily caught by four traps. The first is attachment to sensual desire. The second is attachment to narrow views. The third is doubt and suspicion. The forth is false view of self. The Way Of Enlightenment helps people...

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Anger is an energy

I have just had my first experience in expressing anger at someone while I was wearing robes. On an aside, I will not be talking about specifics and deleting any comments that do. It is an interesting experience to meditate; the old patterns of post argumentive...

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