ehre is what? EHRE

I can’t type

Works under the surface.
Demo –


  • change the ego state appearance, change the personality of it
  • clear negative emotions from vaded
  • every problem is an ego state problem.

Ego state integration protocol is done via contact and communicate with the highest wisdom state

  1. Induce hypnosis and deepen trance
  2. Explain that your intention is to bring a deep level of healing and integration to the person
  3. Ask the highest wisdom state to come out and speak with you and say ‘I’m here’
  4. Wait a minute and say thank you
  5. Ask it what name it would like to be called. Then use the name often.
  6. Ask it if is willing to set up a m of healing resource ego states that would enjoy working together below the threshold of conscious awareness.
  7. The purpose it greater harmony, inclusion, integration and cooperation between all the ego states.
  8. If no, you’ll have to convince it of your positive intention
  9. The committee will include those resource states that are patient, resourceful, diplomatic, compassionate, assertive and intelligent
  10. Ask the healing committee to work together to locate and include dis included states and bring calm to angry states and release that anger in harmless way
  11. Tell the highest wisdom to have the committee to build bridges that benefit everyone and strength the internal community.
  12. Ask the highest wisdom to seek out highly functional and loving states to form the committee, and seek out those that would love to help
  13. Highest wisdom can appoint a leader, or take the job itself
  14. As states are healed and integrated, they join the committee
  15. When you get the YES signal, thank the highest state and awaken the client
  16. Let them know they may seem out of sorts for a few days as a lot will be going on benefit the surface.

To do this on yourself, set up [[Ideomotor signals]]

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